The Best Pediatric Dentists in the DC Area

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Searching for a pediatric dentist? Whether you’re looking to book your baby’s first appointment or in search of a new provider for your child, we’ve got you covered!

Oral hygiene and health is essential for children right from the start. When the baby’s first tooth pops out, or at least by age 1, schedule an appointment with a pediatric dentist. Learning to care for your children’s teeth is a whole new, important world for parents. Dentists and dental hygienists share how to properly brush (for the full two minutes) and floss (C shape), what to stay away from (like sticky foods), and overall proper oral health (like drinking plenty of water).

Here are the best pediatric dentists in DC, Maryland, and Virginia.


5001 Lee Highway
Arlington VA 22207


Pro-tip: Use a rice-sized smear of toothpaste for younger kiddos who end up eating a lot of the toothpaste while brushing. Dispensing such a small amount can be a challenge, so when you get a new toothpaste, don’t remove the protective foil seal that’s under the cap and just poke a hole in it instead. It makes dispensing a small amount of toothpaste much easier!

Voted the Best Pediatric Dentist in Arlington, Northern Virginia, and DC by Arlington Magazine, Washingtonian, Washington Family and more!

VK Pediatric Dentistry has a conservative treatment philosophy that ensures children are receiving the highest standard of care possible. With Dr. Peter’s playful approach, even hesitant children can relax and accept dental care. VK Pediatric Dentistry takes pride in being able to create a kid-friendly, fun, and comfortable environment for children, regardless of their age or past dental experiences.

With a convenient location, free reserved parking, a modern approach, and an amazing team, VK Pediatric Dentistry sees children and provides routine care, cleanings, restorative treatment, nitrous sedation, and more. Serving families with children from infants and toddlers to teens in Arlington, McLean, Falls Church, Northern Virginia and DC!

Schedule today to learn why VK Pediatric Dentistry is your best choice for a pediatric dentist near Arlington, VA and DC.

Patient Ages: 0-18 years


11790 Sunrise Valley Drive
Suite 105
Reston, VA 20191


Pro-tip: Using songs, games or timers while brushing your kid’s teeth are key for effective oral hygiene practices!

Dr. Rishita Jaju of Smile Wonders is a mommy-dentist-owner-educator!

A graduate of Harvard School of Dental Medicine and specialized in Pediatric Dentistry from Children’s Hospital in Washington, DC. She is the only pediatric dentist qualified as Master Status Laser Dentist and Educator in the Mid-Atlantic region from the Academy of Laser Dentistry and a certified breastfeeding specialist.

What brings you the most satisfaction?

“My passion lies in care for infants, toddlers and children with behavioral or medical needs and extensive dental needs. I improve the quality of life for moms and infants with feeding difficulties due to lip- or tongue-tie issues. Most patients come through referrals by pediatricians, lactation consultants, friends, or other pediatric dentists.”

What is unique about your practice?

“I created my practice with kids in mind! We focus on prevention and best experiences so children grow to love oral health and hygiene. Providing gentle laser dentistry, digital x-rays, in-office IV sedation, customized appointments is my joy. When parents say that their kids “love coming to the dentist!” it makes my day 😊”

Patient Ages: 0-14 years


Arlington Pediatric Dentistry is a full service children’s dental office and one of the most established offices in the area.

Their goal is simple: make going to the dentist fun and have kids leaving the dental office with a big smile! The team understands that every child has their own unique needs and will tailor their care to fit your child, no matter if they are excited or anxious.

All of the doctors are board certified with the highest level of training and extremely qualified in handling all aspects of your child’s dental health. Check them out and see for yourself!

Patient Ages: 0-18 years

5500 Columbia Pike
Suite A
Arlington, VA 22204


Pro-tip: Don’t feel like you always have to brush teeth in the bathroom, especially for the little ones. When they are young, lying them down on a couch or bed makes it much easier to get in their mouths, especially if you are making it fun and silly!


5 Ways Children’s Choice Pediatric Dentistry and Orthodontics can improve your love life…

  1. Age 1 dental visits have shown a 33% reduction in cavity risk. More money = more date nights (or laundry time)
  2. Fifty percent of children have a sleep disorder.We can help identify it. More sleep = more partner time (or laundry)
  3. Releasing a tongue tie can improve breastfeeding. More time = more cuddling (or laundry)
  4. Identifying habits may reduce orthodontic needs. More money = more delegation (like laundry)
  5. We offer a membership plan. More convenience = happier you (while doing laundry)

With our expert team, kids smile brighter, feed better, speak clearer and breathe freer. (Seriously, laundry can wait.)

Patient Ages: 0-16 years

2013 Bunker Hill Road NE
Washington, DC 20018


Pro-tip: Did you know there is a three sided toothbrush that can reduce brushing time? Yup! It’s called a surround brush and works from toddlers to teens. Contact us for more information.


We are an energetic, vibrant and comprehensive airway-centric Pediatric Dental practice focused on best growth and health of our children!

We are always on the leading front of research to provide your littles the best health.

Patient Ages: Newborn-18 years

8401 Connecticut Avenue
Suite 650
Chevy Chase, MD 20815


Pro-tip: Children model our behavior. Using a mirror to show them our own practice is ideal. We encourage parents to brush and floss for their littles to provide most ideal performance. Please allow your children to practice and you do the final brush-over. Keep regular visits to your trusted dental professionals every 6 months!


Metropolitan Pediatric Dentistry has been providing excellent pediatric dental care and maintaining health smiles to children in the Washington, D.C. area for over 30 years.

It is their mission to provide the best quality dental care to all of their patients, with a strong emphasis on education, prevention, and the general wellness of each child.

Dr. Ricardo A. Perez has been voted Washingtonian Magazine Best Pediatric Dentist for over 25 years.

Patient Ages: 1-18 years

5530 Wisconsin Avenue
Suite 1230
Chevy Chase, MD 20815


The Best Pediatric Dentists in DC, Maryland, and Virginia

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