My 5 Personal Assistants for Home and Life


I have 5 personal assistants that help me with life with four children. They are not actual assistants, but rather mechanical devices, that literally help me be a better mom by being more organized, tidy, and helps me feel some sense of control. Life with children is amazing, but also overwhelming with duties and things to do. Here are my 5 personal assistants who help me tremendously.

My Robotic Vacuum

Wow. Where do I begin. My robotic vacuum is probably my #1 assistant. We use him daily. He helps our home in two ways. One, he literally vacuums our home when we are ready for him to. I usually have him get to work when we take the children upstairs after dinner to get ready for bed. Or if I have forgotten one evening, I will have him vacuum the following morning. He helps get under things and frees up my time from having to sweep. We constantly need our floors tended to.

Second, our robotic vacuum encourages us to clean up after ourselves. He can’t get to work if we have a mess on the ground. Technically he can, but he’d either get stuck on items or he’d create more of a mess by dragging items around our home. I make sure our floors are tidy and that there aren’t globs of yogurt that have fallen on the floor. Or, if you are a pet owner, make sure the robotic vacuum doesn’t smear an accident around the home. I know two people that this has happened to!

Overall, it is amazing. It isn’t perfect, sometimes it misses corners and I’ll have to bring out my broom. I also have to empty the container daily and clean out the bristles, but it’s really nothing compared to what our floors would look like without him. If you haven’t gotten a robotic vacuum, it’s worth it! I have heard amazing things about the Roomba, but we went with the Goovy since it has good reviews and was more economical.

My Apple Watch

I was a little late with getting a smartwatch, however, once I did, I can understand what all of the hype is about! Some top features I personally love is that it is synched with my phone, so I get alerts when I get a text and can easily talk into my watch to respond. That seems so new age to me! Additionally, if I get a call and don’t have my phone nearby, I can answer my phone and talk on the phone through my watch. Technology has really come a long way.

I can also check my email and respond via me talking into my phone. I can also play podcasts from my Apple watch. Or if I am listening to a podcast and walk away from my phone and want to pause it, I can from my watch. Also, I have alarms set on my phone for virtual school for our children. These alarms synch with my watch, so I never miss one and can turn it off from my phone. These are just a few of my favorite features and I am sure there are more that I don’t even know about yet!

Lastly, I love that my Apple Watch helps me keep track of my movement. I can set fitness goals and it helps remind me to move when I haven’t in a while. I love that it pauses sometimes to remind me to breathe too. And, of course, I am grateful that it will call for help if I have a medical emergency. I also, love Apple AirPods, but don’t consider them an actual assistant since I don’t use them as frequently.

My Stationary Bike

Right when it started to get cold out this fall, I knew I’d need something to keep my body moving and my heart healthy. I chatted with a buddy and she shared that she was loving indoor cycling. So, I did some research (ok, a lot) and bought a stationary bike! I chose this one because it had pretty good reviews, fit in our budget, had arm bands, and folded up for storage. However,  I have never been a cyclist, so I wasn’t sure if this would be my thing. I can now say it’s working well for me. I simply choose a show (hello Bridgerton) and get to pedaling. I hear there are apps, but haven’t tried any. If you have one you love, leave them in the comments. Of course, I have heard rave reviews about Peloton and Nordic Track, but haven’t ventured there yet.

My WaterPik

If you haven’t gotten a WaterPik, what are you waiting for? Oral hygiene is the jam and using a WaterPik is so great at getting out small bits of food and bacteria that regular brushing and flossing simply can’t get. It does take some getting used to, but it’s amazing with warm water and really leaves your mouth feeling good and gives you peace of mind that you’re mouth is clean. I love mine and even got a WaterPik for children for our 10-year-old son. He loves it too. I don’t use an electric toothbrush, but our two older children do and love it!

My Laminator

Ok, so this may seem a little boring, but I truly love my laminator. I don’t use it frequently, but when I need it, I am glad to have it! Plus, it is pretty compact for easy storage. We have used it to laminate papers that we reference a lot for school, used it for some artwork that I want to keep. We have also used it for activities for children so they can reuse the laminated paper with a dry erase marker. Of course, I love a good printer too. I bought my printer off of Craigslist years ago and it still works like a charm!

Do you have any personal assistants that you love that help you manage your life and home? If so, please share below! These personal assistants are a part of my life and I am so grateful for them!

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