3 Powerful Principles to Live a Delicious Life As A Mom


Have you ever wondered why it’s easy for you to accomplish some things in life while others seem forever out of reach? As a mindful eating coach,  I talk to moms every day about what it takes to live a delicious life. And while food is part of it, it’s hardly the main ingredient in our recipe for happiness (and success) in motherhood and life.

To live deliciously we create a body and life they love, I find that women cultivate three powerful practices that help them every step of the way. I want to share them with you because I know that if you adopt them too, you will be on your way towards YOUR most delicious life even as you strive to balance the many aspects of life as a Mom.

Principles to live deliciously

1. Practice Positive Self-Talk

Achieving your goals, enjoying your life and feeling your best begins in the mind. The language of the mind is our words. The woman who is living her most delicious life actively uses positive thoughts and words to describe herself and her situation. She brings her attention to the ways in which she may be thinking or speaking negatively and works to shift her language to a more positive place. She understands that her words are powerful morsels of magnetizing energy that attract to her whatever she speaks into existence. Because she wants her MOST delicious life, she is purposefully positive in her prose.

2. Relish Getting Sweaty

Women who are living their most delicious life understand the benefits of empowered exercise. They enjoy the boost of confidence, improved mood and increased energy they experience after a workout. They know that moving their body is not a punishment or something they “have” to do. Instead, they see the daily movement as ME time, as a loving act of self-care. And as one of the ways they discover their inner power and strength. Not just at the gym (or wherever they get their sweat on), but in life, motherhood, and business.

3. Feed Personal Gifts & Greatness

The woman living her most delicious life knows that food isn’t just a tasty pleasure and delight-as if that weren’t enough! She also knows that food is the fuel that powers her gifts and greatness. It is the energy behind achieving her goals, rocking it as a mom and killing it in business. She knows that with every bite she has the power to improve her health and wellness today and for the future. She knows that, in addition to food, feeding her gifts and greatness means reading books, engaging in activities and enjoying conversations. These all grow her mind, deepen her expertise and challenge her perspective.

Do you know what women living their most delicious life have in common? None of them began their journey from this place or with these understandings. (That’s right, NONE of them.) Each of them had to shift her mindset, learn new skills, get new information and find the right support to help them grow into the woman they are today.

Are you living your most delicious life? Comment below which of these 3 principles you most want to work on. Share your dreams, vision, and/or desires for living deliciously as your BEST self! Mamas, I can’t wait to hear from you.

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Ebeth Johnson is mindful eating & well-life mentor for women who are ready to live deliciously. As a mom, professional chef, plant-based nutritionist and mindful eating coach, Ebeth marries her love of food, cooking, wellness, and mindfulness while supporting women and their families to incorporate nourishing foods and nurturing lifestyle practices into daily life. Ebeth was raised in DC and returned here (after a 15-year stint in the Big Apple) when her child Cayenne was born. When she's not in the kitchen, at the grocery store or DuPont farmers’ market you'll find her roller skating, reading, watching HGTV, making handcrafted beaded jewelry or briskly walking wherever she needs to go. One of her favorite meals is perfectly scrambled eggs with whole wheat toast, sliced avocado and a green salad. She could do without shopping for clothes and shoes.