Visit The Big Top with Volta By Cirque Du Soleil


This post is written in partnership with Cirque Du Soleil, but all of the thoughts and views are completely our own. 

There’s a Big Top set up in Tyson’s Corner under which you can find a stunning visual feast of acrobatics and unbelievable stunts. Volta, Cirque Du Soleil’s latest endeavor, captivates audiences of all ages from the moment the lights dim until the grand finale. My eldest daughter (aged 6) and I went this weekend with Courtney and her 6 year old daughter and we were in awe for the entirety of the performance! This high-energy show is non-stop fun for families, and definitely worth checking out while still in the area. 

So excited for their first Cirque Du Soleil show!

About The Show

Volta takes place in a world where people are separated into two groups – the fame-seeking “greys” and the flamboyant “free spirits”. The show’s hero, blue-haired Waz, is ashamed for being different; he just wants to fit in and feel accepted. After competing on the Mr. Wow talent show, Waz begins a journey of self-discovery. By making new friends with the free spirits and reflecting on his childhood, Waz comes to realize his own uniqueness. The themes of chasing fame and self-realization will go over the heads of young viewers, but the dazzling stunts will captivate them (and you!) completely. 

Highlights of VOLTA

As in any Cirque du Soleil show, each individual act is a wonder to behold. A few were definite stand-outs:

  • The trampolines! Performers drop from windows onto giant trampolines at dizzying rates with intricate choreography. 
  • Mr. Wow! This comedic figure brings moments of levity to the show with his hilarious vignettes scattered throughout. My daughter and her friend were giggling non-stop whenever he was on stage with his goofy pantomimes and antics. His laundromat scene was a real crowd-pleaser.
  • There were several aerial performances using ropes, lamps, and ladders, but the one that really stood out was the woman who was lifted high into the air by her hair. Yes, suspended by her hair! Your scalp will ache just watching her but it was unlike anything I’d ever seen before (and I’ve previously been to a number of Cirque shows). You and your family will be utterly mesmerized as you watch her spin and glide through the air. Oh, and her bejeweled, glittery costume was definitely an additional highlight for our young companions. 
  • The closing BMX bike scene brought the audience to a standing ovation after their death-defying routine. 


Truly amazing performaces throughout the show.

Tips For Viewing VOLTA With Little Ones

  • The staff is committed to making sure audience members of all ages enjoy the show! When we arrived, our usher offered to get us booster seats. It was a big help for little bodies and ensured they didn’t miss out on any of the amazing feats on stage.
  • The beginning of the show is LOUD. If you are bringing a wee one or a child who is particularly sensitive to loud noises, consider earplugs or noise cancelling headphones. They do offer earplugs but adult sized only. 
  • Be aware if you have a child who is sensitive to lighting. At several points in the show, the tent goes pitch black (for set changes, etc). Alternatively, at many times there are bright flashing lights.
  • Attend an afternoon viewing. On weeknights it’s evenings only, which is not manageable with a regular bedtime routine. Consider getting tickets for Saturday or Sunday, when there is a mid-afternoon show available. 
  • Bring a water bottle! I brought mine in without any trouble and you’ll be glad for some hydration. 
  • Leave the stroller in the car. We didn’t see any places for stroller parking, so your best bet is to baby-wear or allow extra time for your tot to walk. 

Tickets and Other Information for VOLTA

The Big Top at Tyson’s is a relatively intimate setting. There are no bad seats! Consider a seat towards the back as you’ll still have an excellent view if you feel your child may be overly stimulated too close to the stage. Tickets start at $49, but there are also great family deals with 4 tickets starting at $149! If you’re feeling extra fancy, consider the VIP packages (which include parking!).

Remember to be courteous to the performers! Flash photography and video recording are strictly prohibited. However, when the stage is fully lit you can definitely take some snaps without a flash (but the performers move so quickly, don’t be surprised if your photos turn out blurry!).

Volta – a huge hit for all ages!

Getting To The Big Top

  • Event parking is plentiful and a short walk from the Big Top, but not cheap at $25/car. Save $5 and reserve a spot in advance. 
  • If Metro is more your speed, plan on taking the Silver line to Tyson’s Corner Station. 

The show runs until September 29th, so make sure to book your tickets ASAP! Tag @dcmoms on Instagram if you go and let us know what you think!

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