Study Hub DC: Professional Learning Pods to Aid Remote Schoolwork

This post is written in collaboration with Study Hub DC. We hope you enjoy learning about this new opportunity for families!
Study Hub DC will host professional learning pods, where a “master educator” can guide your child’s remote school experience.

What are you going to do for school? Are you in a pod? How are you handling work? Have you heard about professional learning pods? How are you managing to do the hard things?These are questions are playing on an endless loop in our conversations and text threads.

The COVID-19 pandemic has posed nearly endless challenges for education, childcare, working parents, and many businesses in our area. Some entrepreneurs are turning their businesses around.

This is the case for Rabbi Randy Brown and Study Hub DC. Brown formed Study Hub DC to provide a safe and supportive environment for children to participate in distance learning. Study Hub DC will host learning pods of up to six students on site in northwest DC, in the Gymboree in Woodley Park.

Brown — a rabbi, entrepreneur, and dad of three young children — founded Study Hub in an effort to help working families cope with some of the difficulties created by the coronavirus pandemic.

“I am a parent who wants to serve our community and keep children safe,” Brown said. “Study Hub allows for safe social play and the ability to keep on track academically while parents get a needed reprieve.”

Brown became the owner-operator of DC Gymboree Play & Music in 2018, then turned his business around in response to the pandemic. Gymboree is offering virtual family play and music classes. Meanwhile, Brown converted his 3,100 square foot facility into a haven for elementary school students to pursue their distance learning. 

Study Hub Professional Learning Pods

Study Hub DC will host pods for students in kindergarten through 6th grade. Each pod will have a “master educator” that will develop a plan in partnership with your child’s school and help facilitate their distance learning. The in-person educators can also provide private lessons and extra enrichment classes in music, drama, foreign language and movement.

The pods will have up to six children. Children will wear masks and be assigned their own private work area, over 6 feet apart from other students. There are also areas for music and art and a large indoor play area where kids can move their bodies. And when kids are feeling Zoomed out, there are “cozy corners” where children can take a break.

Study Hub DC is open from 8 am-5 pm weekdays and has full-day and half-day options for two to five days a week. Prices ranging from $399 a month for two four hour session a week to $2,200 a month for the “full integration solution” plan that caters to all of your child’s academic needs. Sibling discounts and financial aid are available.

If you are looking for a safe space for your child this upcoming school year, Study Hub DC is your place! Contact them today about pre-registration and see their rigorous safety protocols on their site. 

Rabbi Randy Brown formed Study Hub DC so children can work through school assignments safe and supportive professional learning pods.