How many school drop offs do you have?

Yes, my kids have been in school for several weeks and by now I should be in a good groove. Let me go back 6 years. I am pregnant with my second baby and we are in the process of looking at schools for my older daughter, who was around 18 months. I get the call from the school where we were really interested in and learned that my daughter was accepted into the Toddler Program.  Clearly we were thrilled!  All I can think about is that I will have a few (only 2 1/2 hours) with just me and the new baby! I am excited with how much my older daughter we will learn and grow from being in school. Fast forward 5 years, we now have three kids. And you can only imagine the schedules with three kids.  Last year was way too much. With the three girls, I had two different school drop offs and three different pickup times!  And two of these afternoon pickups were within 10 minutes of one another. I was late a lot and exhausted.
Now I have three young girls: 3rd, 1st and pre-k.  And, yes, you guessed it, they are all in school together. Same exact school with the same drop off and pickup times. I had been waiting for this day for quite some time! I feel like I paid my dues for all the years with multiple drops off and pick-ups. 


Drop off Personalities of Parents

I know there are many tears at drop off on the first day of school and sometime that entire first week. There are sad tears at drop off because the child will be away from you for the first time or maybe because the child it growing up. Then there is the other type. There are also buckets of tears but these are tears of joy!  This Mom probably celebrates after drop off.  Personally, I definitely celebrated this year after drop! Don’t get me wrong I love my children dearly and miss them while they are at school but they need their freedom from me as much as I need it from them!  
I know I am enjoying more free time and having everyone back on a schedule now that the girls are in school all day. Now that I am not spending my days in carpool, I can tackle my never ending “To Do List” that is a million pages long. 
Are you settled into the new school year?  Are you excited to get your kids in the same school and at the same time? Everyone feels a little different about school and letting go of their kids.  Which kind of parent are you?