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Are you looking for affordable, easy to use, accessible tutoring for you child? GoPeer Tutoring to the rescue! GoPeer is a 1:1 online tutoring service with advanced classroom experiences built into their platform. They offer a robust selection of tutor and also offer over 150 tutoring subjects including enrichment.

As parents GoPeer, we can easily browse tutors, their expertise, their education, etc. We can schedule a tutoring session, duration, and narrow down the subject matter. All from the comfort of our home. GoPeer is high quality tutoring that is accessible for everyone!

GoPeer Tutoring ExperienceNeed a Tutor for your Child?

Life in the DC area can sometimes feel like a lot with our never ending to-do lists. As parents, checking off the “find a quality, effective tutor” box has never been easier! Once you try it, you’ll want to share about it with your friends. It’s that wonderful, fun, easy-to-use, and effective.

We use GoPeer with our two older children and they both said that they liked it a lot. There are several things that make GoPeer unique and special, but one that certainly stands out are the quality tutors that are able to connect with our children. Any student can use them to play catch-up from the loss of in-person school due to the pandemic, to master or gain confidence in a new skill, or to simply work on concepts. It is also great for homeschoolers who may want expert help on a subject. They are here for all students at all levels and backgrounds. I am grateful that when we need a tutor, I know where to go!

GoPeer Tutoring Experience
This image is a part of the very user-friendly GoPeer interface.

Who are the GoPeer Tutors?

GoPeer tutors are students from top universities from around the United States. Each tutor is verified and experienced. With their GoPeer platform, messaging and connecting with them is a breeze. It is actually really fun to connect with these college students. The tutors are quality and really go out of their way to connect with each child. When signing up, GoPeer uses advanced technology to connect you with the perfect match for your student using the parent’s specifications. They make finding a tutor easy and fun.Our children have seen a tutor at UT Austin and another at the University of Michigan. After the sessions, I think our children felt understood, coached, and had a better knowledge of the subject matter. Our son Cormac said, “He was great! He really knows math and helped me figure out some things.” As a mom, that made me overjoyed to hear!

GoPeer is Accessible to All

Parents schedule GoPeer on their user-friendly online platform. One you and the tutor have confirmed the time, you simply show up on their platform at the designated time. I make sure our kids have a paper and pencil on hand and a separate place to be away from our other three children.

GoPeer Tutoring Experience

GoPeer is so easy to schedule and has such a large base of quality tutors, that you can have a tutor online with your child within 5-30 minutes of signing up! What?! So right when you are ready to get started, you can peruse their tutors and schedule right away. Sessions can be as short or as long as you like based on the tutors availability. I have found that the tutors are very quick with communication on the platform. It’s super easy to message with them over text (without having to login to the platform) or via on the platform.

GoPeer Tutoring Experience

The GoPeer Tutoring Experience

Inside the online GoPeer Classroom, your tutor and your child will be able to see one another over video. In addition, there is a blackboard that the tutor can write on. This is great for visual learners. They can easily see the colorful examples the tutor is going over with them.

What’s more, after the session has ended, we can access the recording of the tutoring session on their platform. This recording is available anytime. This added bonus shows that GoPeer really does go above and beyond in connecting and making sure it’s accessible to all. With this pandemic, I am so glad GoPeer is here for children!

GoPeer Discount Code

If you are ready to try GoPeer, sign up discount code citymom20 to get a free $20 credit and free 7-day trial. These college tutors make $20/hour and there are options for annual, 6-month, or monthly memberships which allow you access to the tutors, platform, recordings, free intro sessions with up to 10 tutors, access to curriculum, and lots more!

Go ahead and sign up and schedule your GoPeer Tutoring experience today!

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