The Early Learning Program at BASIS Independent McLean: Instilling Wonder and Inquiry in Students from Day One

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The earliest years of a child’s life are filled with crucial “a-ha!” moments as they make countless connections between thoughts, topics, and their surroundings. They absorb new ideas like sponges, fueled by a sense of wonder—developing interests, forming inquisitive minds, and confidently exploring the world around them.

BASIS Independent McLean, an age 2–grade 12 private school in Fairfax County, strives to provide students ages 2–5 with a supportive environment that nurtures and empowers their natural curiosity through opportunities to ask questions, make discoveries, and create as they grow academically. Their Early Learning Program (Toddler, PreK, Kindergarten) engages young minds through a world-acclaimed curriculum that sets the stage for success throughout a student’s entire academic journey.

Our teachers have deep content knowledge in the subjects they teach, allowing them to engage and connect students to the material.

The Early Learning Program expanded in fall 2019 to welcome two-year-olds in a Toddler Program, which focuses on laying the necessary building blocks for physical, social, emotional, and language growth. In the Toddler Program, nurturing teachers with deep knowledge of effective pedagogical techniques combine purposeful play with opportunities for inquiry, positioning our youngest learners for success as they grow and learn.

Early Learning students have ample opportunities to build friendships with their peers through activities and extracurriculars.

During PreK and Kindergarten, the Early Learning Program fosters early numeracy, literacy, and more through developmentally appropriate play, lessons, and exploratory activities that help make new subject matter fun. The Early Learning curriculum features the following:

  • Course blocks in Language & Literacy, World Discovery, and math
  • “Specials” courses including STEM, Mandarin, art, music, and performing arts
  • Daily recesses and learning activities focused on movement
  • An enrichment period in Kindergarten when students can spend time reading or working on projects
Toddler Program students are focused on a project, supported by a teacher.

Students within the Early Learning Program benefit from the support of two expert teachers in each class who work together to attend to students’ individual social-emotional needs while also ensuring students fully interact with the material. This teaching model allows teachers to strike a balance between nurturing their students and guiding them to develop the skills that will help them excel in every endeavor.

Our interactive program keeps young learners’ minds and bodies active throughout the day with numerous activities, games, and songs that complement their lessons.

According to Ms. Korik, the Director of Student Affairs in PreK–grade 3, “Our Early Learning Program offers students a thematic, hands-on, comprehensive, and content-rich curriculum that builds skills while fostering confidence, curiosity, and respect.” Through the Early Learning Program, students will ultimately broaden their understanding of their environment in and out of the classroom, and discover meaningful connections about the world they live in.

An Early Learning student proudly displays her art piece after a morning fueled by creativity and excitement!

Learn more about BASIS Independent McLean’s Early Learning Program by attending their upcoming Early Learning Meet & Greet on Friday, November 1 at 1:30 PM. This event will provide the unique opportunity to talk with teachers and current parents who have children enrolled in the program. RSVP today!

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