Mother Tree Wellness Group

Moms with babies up to around 12 months, check out the Confident & Connected in Motherhood group offered by Mother Tree Wellness! C&C is a 4-week virtual coaching group designed and facilitated by Mother Tree Wellness founders, Holly Kennedy, LPC, PMH-C, and Ellen Jones, PMH-C.

  • Concrete information

  • Evidence-based strategies that are easily woven into everyday life

  • Genuine connection with other moms

Our Confident & Connected Group is designed with this knowledge in mind, and moms join our group knowing that they’ll receive all three best practices, every single week.

Some of the topics we cover include:​
  • What is Mom Brain? Understanding the changes in my brain and hormonal shifts

  • Who am I? ​​How to roll with my shifting identity

  • Are we on the same page? Navigating my relationship with my partner and loved ones.

  • Will I ever have alone time again? How to reclaim it and establish the boundaries I need.

  • Am I a good mom?  Managing expectations, and how to stop comparisons and Mom Guilt.​

  • How am I supposed to do this?  Strategies for creating a plan and getting unstuck.

Group Membership Includes:
  • Four 60-minute live group sessions on Zoom

  • Membership in a private Facebook group for your cohort, moderated and facilitated by Holly & Ellen

  • After your series, you’ll receive the MTW Mom Map to help cultivate your own path forward and keep your momentum going. The Map is customized for your group: It’s a compilation of all key points and themes discussed, as well as all strategies and resources offered. Keep your progress and motivation going with your Map on hand to reorient you whenever you need it.

What makes our group unique?
  • Small Group Size allows for a personalized approach for each cohort. We cap all groups at 6 members.

  • Group Leaders who are Certified in Perinatal Mental Health by Postpartum Support International. We’re also moms. This combination of expertise and personal experience creates an atmosphere that’s informed, engaging, and genuine.

  • Ongoing Support: We check in with our members and provide additional support and resources throughout each series through a private Facebook group just for your cohort.

  • Our Moms! Moms are resourceful, insightful, and unbelievably strong. Each mom brings her own unique strengths to the table, and all members play a vital role in supporting each other throughout the series. The result is that moms also feel the sense of purpose that comes from knowing they’ve offered other moms support, insights, and confidence.

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