Natalie Gottlieb


Four Keys to Survive Nursing School

Congratulations on deciding to become a nurse! Here are my four tips to survive nursing school. My first major in college was dance, and I spent a few years after college doing what everyone...

Can I Bring You Starbucks? Building Your Mom Tribe In A Socially Distant Time

Starbucks as a love language Have you heard of the Five Love Languages? (If you haven’t, go look them up and find yours.) But also, I think Gary Chapman missed an important one: Starbucks. I...

Tips on Planning a Guilt-Free Girlfriends Trip With Babies

Does the thought of planning a girlfriend trip with babies sound impossible? About five summers ago, my two best friends from high school and I all got married. One after another, we slipped on fancy...

Laying the Groundwork for a Home Birth | Part 1

A NICU nurse weighs in on the pros and cons of home birth. I hesitated a long time in writing this article about home birth for many reasons. But as COVID continues and more and...