Meghan MCoy

Meghan McCoy was born and raised in Minneapolis, MN. She arrived in DC in 1998 to attend Howard University and made DC home. She works as an IT professional and is a mother of two (born during the Obama Administrations). Home is Downtown Silver Spring. Meghan has a deep fascination with how social life and personal interests intersect with parenting styles. For her, these intersections occur around themes of parenting, music, technology, and relationships (familial and social). She savors the developmental stages in life and embraces change (sometimes reluctantly). She is known to live with one foot in the now and the other in the future. Her kiddos call her mama, friends call her “Mama Megs”; and when she's dolled up and hits the town “Mama Megs” has been known to morph into “Mamacita Megs”.

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