Mariana Diez

Mariana is a wife, mom of a one-year-old baby and two Pomeranians, food blogger, yoga instructor, and former entrepreneur. You can find more of her recipes or about her motherhood journey at
6 Grab & Go Snacks You Can Feel Good About

6 Favorite Grab-and-go Organic Snacks for Kids

There is nothing I enjoy more than cooking for my little one! I have always had a passion for healthy cooking. I love experimenting in the kitchen and trying new recipes especially now that...
Toddler Meals Ideas

Feeding Toddlers: Meal Ideas and Useful Tips

It is pretty amazing when your toddler can start eating anything, but it can also be a little bit challenging and overwhelming. Especially when you prepare something you think he/she is going to love...

5 Ingredient Peanut Butter Energy Balls

Quick and healthy 5 ingredient Peanut Butter Energy Balls. Loaded with oats, peanut butter, and chia seeds these Energy balls make the perfect healthy protein-packed breakfast or snack.  If you have a toddler at home...

Celebrate the Day of the Dead with Healthy Cinnamon Pumpkin Donuts

Celebrate The Day of The Dead with this healthy, low sugar, kid-friendly Cinnamon Pumpkin Donut recipe. Day of the Dead or Dia de Los Muertos Day of the Dead or Dia de Los Muertos is celebrated in Mexico...

Do I Need a Jogging Stroller?

As a new mom, I thought I didn’t need to spend any extra money on a jogging stroller and could really get along with a regular stroller. After giving it a try, I would say...

Healthy Chocolate Popsicles Recipe for Children (and Adults)

Now that the summer is here, there is no better way to enjoy the sun and cool down than with these frozen creamy chocolate fudge pops. They work great as a snack or dessert for...

Pop Your Own Healthy Homemade Popcorn

Let's Make Some Homemade Air-Popped Popcorn! Whose kid doesn't love popcorn? Whether at the movies, at home, in the car, at a park, or just about anywhere. Every mom knows that popcorn is one of...