Lori Wilen

Lori Wilen is Mama to two school-aged littles. Lori, her wife, kids, and rescue dog live in Brightwood, DC. She has lived in the area since 1991 but grew up in Pittsburgh. Lori received her undergraduate degree from University of Maryland and her Masters in School Leadership from Harvard. She is an educator by training and passion and consults on various education projects. Lori is equally excited about yoga and meditation, practices she began 25 years ago. She is a certified yoga teacher for kids and adults. Lori loves learning and continues to dive into yoga's rich history, the intersection of yoga and social justice, and how bodies function. She began Mindful Yogic Parenting as a way to not only help herself, but to also connect with other parents who want to more mindfully engage with their kids, using yoga's philosophy and practices as support.
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