Lia Hobel

Lia moved to Northern Virginia during the 2016 blizzard from South Carolina with her husband, David, and their first son, Luca(now 7). Some may have turned their moving truck around, but not them. They were excited to have true seasons again, as they're originally from Pittsburgh. The family lives in Leesburg and have had two more boys, Julian (5) and Caden (2). The boy mom embraces "boy mom" culture (proud boy mom t-shirt owner). When she's not driving to sport practices and games, you can find her writing magazine features, blogging, running, and simply enjoying the little things in life.
tulips and bluebells

See Bluebells and Tulips this Spring

Bluebells, tulips, and daffodils, oh my! If you're looking to soak up all of spring's glory, you can't miss these nature gems. Fresh blooms visually say, “Spring has arrived." My family has enjoyed making...