Kim McCullough

Kim is a native Northern Virginian. She married her high school sweetheart and they have two children, Leland (2014) and Christy (2015). She is a foster & adoptive mom and a pastor's wife and is passionate about advocating for exploited women & children and going green without breaking the bank. You can find her educating and empowering women to live consciously and take care of their health by switching to safer and ethically produced products over in her Facebook community ( She LOVES: Jesus, her husband’s cooking, snuggling her kids, taking naps, talking about the Enneagram, and the beach. She could do without: humidity, bugs, winter, and writing thank-you notes.

Conflict in Marriage: How One Friendship Led To Healing

Just a few months after we said our vows, my husband and I found ourselves in the midst of seemingly insurmountable conflict in our marriage. So, of course, we thought a big change was...
mom dealing with interruptions

The Interruptions Are My Job

Lately, I have had many opportunities to talk to my kids about big concepts, like racial reconciliation, the reality of evil in the world, and the hope we have in God. They ask a...

Training: Why My “Word of the Year” From 2019 Is Still My Word in...

It's January and you've probably already decided what your goals and resolutions are for the new year. But mine this year haven't changed much from the last two years. Yes, even after the year...

10 Things to Consider Before Beginning Your Adoption Journey

Over six years ago, my husband and I started our foster care and adoption journey. We had a spare room, big hearts, shiny rose-colored glasses, and lots of naivety. While those things got us through the...
Herndon Caboose

Herndon & Reston, VA Neighborhood

We are grateful for the sponsor of this guide: The Royster Hearth Group. This Realtor Group are experts in this area. Please be sure to check out thorough details about their practice below. We are...

7 Tips for a Thriving Marriage in the Midst of a Pandemic

All marriages go through seasons, but “Pandemic” is probably the season you never saw coming. Maybe the pandemic has been a blessing to your marriage, providing simplified schedules, more margin to connect, and an...

How to Plan a Birthday Party During Quarantine

My son had been looking forward to his birthday for months. And of course, no one could have seen quarantine coming. He turned 6 at the beginning of May and all he wanted was...

Pursuing Justice Starts at Home

In 2018, I wrote an article called How I’ve started Engaging My Children about Race. I was about two years into my journey of intentional awareness of the systemic racial oppression that exists in...

Staying Connected During Social Distancing

These certainly are strange times.   As an introvert, staying home is not super daunting for me. However as a mom of three kids 5 and under, with a husband who still has to work, and...

Feeling Overwhelmed about Conscious Consumerism? You’re Not Alone

Conscious consumerism is a hot topic lately, and while most of us can agree that it's important, it's also incredibly overwhelming. So I want to share my journey so you feel a little less...
nerf gun fight

Kim’s Family Life: A Photo Essay Series

I am a stay at home mom to two preschool-aged kids, 13 months apart. These days are long and often feel like groundhog day, the same thing over and over. Having Bridget Eldridge come...

The Day I Threw the Play Food Away: The Case for a Simple Childhood

I'm sure you've read about, or at least seen the headlines, promoting simple childhoods and minimal toy rooms. I always liked the idea of this, but experienced the benefits for myself a few years...
White heart shaped sunscreen

Sunscreen: Equipping You To Choose Safe and Effective Sun Protection

As someone who has eliminated many of the toxic chemicals I use in my daily life, one of my passions is to help others do the same. One of the most common questions from...

5 Ways to Support Foster Parents

I get asked a lot about how people can help support foster parents. And I love that question because I truly believe that more people would foster if they knew they had a strong...