Katherine lived on four different continents before settling in Washington, D.C., to raise her family. She works at a global think tank during the day and raises twin boys the rest of the time. When she isn't working on a spreadsheet for work, she loves walking in the forest with her family, which invariably involves stomping in puddles and climbing on logs. Though she is less of a world traveler these days, she continues to seek out adventures, from exploring D.C.'s museums and playgrounds to taking road trips to national parks. When it's time to unwind, she can be found snuggling with her husband on the couch. Likes: adventures, sleeping past 7 a.m., being surrounded by forests, the sound of her boys laughing, and locally made ice cream. Dislikes: whining, the patriarchy, and people who judge parents.

Halloween Isn’t Cancelled: How to Trick-or-Treat From 6 Feet

Halloween is the perfect kids’ holiday. It has: dress up, parent-sanctioned staying-up-late, candy, arts and crafts, and a chance to see parents joining in the creativity. So as the pandemic drags on and October...

Where to Get a Flu Shot for Your Kids in 2020

"Moms of D.C. are busy — really busy!" That's how I started last year's post on where to get a flu shot for your kids. But it's 2020, and I'm laughing that I thought...

Reconnecting With Nature and Art While Home With Kids

It’s spring! Even though life feels upside down because of coronavirus, or perhaps especially because life feels upside down, it can be helpful to pause and enjoy the beauty of spring, no matter how...
a mud kitchen offers so many opportunities for creative play curatedplayspaces.com

Mud Helps Kids Learn: Here’s How to Do it in a Tiny DC Backyard

Let’s get dirty, really dirty! It turns out, mud-play is great for kids! In 2007, researchers at the University of Bristol found evidence in favor of mud. The bacteria in dirt, they discovered, is...

All I Really Need to Know … My Kids Are Learning in Pre-Kindergarten

Watching my two 4-year-old boys, I see big emotions playing out in grand display daily. I recently carried a floppy child kicking and screaming all the way to the car because I refused to...
The kids created their own costumes with duct tape and felt

Creativity and Confidence: Halloween is so much more than candy

For parents, Halloween can be complicated: the social pressure to have the best costume, the fear of sugar overload, the risk of a late-night meltdown if kids are out past bedtime. Still, I love it...
bicycle commute are possible in DC and kids love it!

These Moms Bicycle Commute with Kids. Will You Join Them?

To be honest, I felt nervous about strapping two toddlers into a bicycle trailer and pulling them to school, let alone making it from school to my own office on time. Hearing from other...

Bring these cookies to a nursing mother, she deserves them!

Ok, we know breast milk is great nourishment for baby, but all those calories have to come from somewhere: mom’s diet! According to the Mayo Clinic, nursing moms need as much as 400 extra...
Acorn Hill in Silver Spring offers kids plenty of free play outdoors

Is Waldorf school right for your kids? 3 reasons it was for ours

If I could offer my children only one thing in their entire lives it would be the social and emotional skills to know themselves and relate well to others. I know my kids won't...
Playing in the forest is great for kids, but Lyme disease is a risk

It’s Lyme Disease Season in the D.C. Area: Here’s what you need to know

I love letting my kids play outdoors, run in the forest, stomp in a stream, etc., but around Washington D.C., that comes with a risk: Lyme disease. It was risk I didn’t think much...

Your Guide to a Screen-Free Week

In case you haven’t seen the Tweets, the Facebook posts or the emails -- It’s Screen-Free Week (April 29-May 30). No, screens are not the devil, and this post is not meant to preach. As...

Do Your Own Nanny Taxes — for free!

When we first did the math on raising twins in D.C., hiring a nanny instead of day care seemed to make sense. But I knew that that would also mean doing paperwork and paying...
Our first Delivery from Kids on 45th

3 Ways Not to Buy New Clothes and Toys

Confession: Being a mom has made me kind of a lousy environmentalist. I put my kids in disposable diapers; I pack their snacks in plastic baggies. I make quick calculations about what will save...

Raising boys, not ‘bums’

As a little girl, I loved “The Paper Bag Princess,” a story about a princess named Elizabeth who single-handedly defeats the dragon that had destroyed her castle and kidnapped her prince. But when she...