Julia Northrop

Julia is a Chesapeake Bay girl who moved to the District about five years ago with her husband and kids. She is passionate about fostering community with moms in her area and encouraging other women. She's a girl mom of three, enjoys reading, exploring the city's gems with her family, and long runs on its many trails. She is happiest with a coffee or cold craft beer in hand and never says no to a cupcake.
gentle parenting

Little Kids With Big Feelings: My Intro to Gentle Parenting

Gentle parenting: Great for all ages For the last three years, we have been a homeschool family and I have considered our journey of discipline and behavior to be relatively smooth. While I am no...
5 Tips to Start Running

5 Tips to Start (or Restart) Your Running Journey

As an introverted mom of three kids, I know what it means to need alone time. As a long-time anxiety sufferer and lover of nature, I know what it means to need a stress...

Skincare: My Favorite Self-Care Regiment

Confession: I have never had good skin. Since puberty I have been managing, covering, or obsessing over new breakouts. I got a brief respite from this in my twenties when I was having and...

My Must-Read Recommendation for 2021: The Lazy Genius Way

I consider myself an avid reader and am always looking for new book recommendations. That being said, I am a little burnt out on how-to and self-help at this point. I have read a...

Walking Through Grief With Kids: Tips from a Novice

Over the last eight years, I have read a lot of parenting books. Before my girls were born, I read a lot about how to care for my body during pregnancy, how to feed...

3 Content Creators That Keep Me Clicking

If quarantine life has taught me anything, it has certainly opened my eyes to my relationship with technology. More specifically, the amount of time I spend on my phone. Several months ago, I fasted...

Coming Alive: A Busy Mother’s Struggle to Find Time to Write

I find it slightly comical that I am about to share how much I love writing. I have loved it since I learned to put pencil to paper and some of my most highly...

Homeschooling Tips, Tricks, and Resource Picks | Part 2

So you’ve decided to homeschool. Now what? Due to the unexpected nature of 2020 and all of the changes brought on by COVID-19, many families are making the decision to homeschool their children. In Part...

A Pep Talk About Homeschooling | Part 1

Confession: I never planned on homeschooling. What a unique time to be writing about homeschooling! While some parents have been pondering this idea for weeks, months, or even years, homeschooling was never the plan for...
Question mark pondering questions from quarantine.

Questions From Quarantine

When every day feels the same As I was pondering what to write for this month’s post, I was struggling to find something both relatable and noteworthy that has occurred in the last few months...

Sibling Room-Sharing for the Semi-Organized

Disclaimer: Not an Expert This post is not a “how-to” on organization, toy-bin labeling, or keeping kids’ rooms tidy all the time. If you find a blog post on how I can do this well...

Where the Lost Things Go: My Story About Pregnancy Loss

Mary Poppins said it best in the song Where the Lost Things Go by Marc Shaiman & Scott Wittman. Please watch full song here and read lyrics here.  Memories you've shed Gone for good you feared They're all around you still Though they've disappeared Nothing's...

PMDD: Awareness and Treatment

More than PMS Every woman you know can likely empathize with the phrase: “I am PMS-ing.” For many of us, it’s as normal as saying that you are hangry or more annoyed with a significant...

Better Sleep for Moms: 5 Tips to Catching and Keeping your Zzzzs

Sleep Deprived  Sleep. It’s something we all need and none of us get enough of. At my baby shower, I was prepped by friends for poopy diapers, mommy groups, and breastfeeding. I was told I...