Joy is a mother of two children, ages 9 and 7, and she has been working as their primary care taker since the first one arrived. She loves that she can pursue her other passions and training while being a stay-at-home-mom, including teaching, being outdoors, lessening her environmental footprint, being with friends and family, dancing, and playing! Now that the kids are in elementary school, she has enjoyed using the extra time to work on projects such as school, church, and neighborhood volunteer efforts, helping others with new baby prep and care, political resistance, and tutoring.

Petworth DC Neighborhood Guide

We are grateful to the sponsor of this guide: Vassar Broermann Group. This is an expert realtor group for this area. Please be sure to check out thorough details about their practice below. We are thankful for...

Make Your Own… School! How to Create a Preschool Co-op

  Who would’ve thought that my rejection from the preschool we wanted most would lead to the best decision of our schooling years… to make our own preschool! That homegrown co-op school became not only the...

It’s Okay for Kids to be Bored!

Ahh, colder days.  Winter is coming.  More inside time for your kids.  Raise your hand if that realization comes with a little trepidation! I hope to empower you as your outdoor time shortens during winter...

Joy’s Screen Time Limits

I just wrote a post about having the confidence to just say no to more and more screen time for our little ones. And how freeing, calming, and joyful it is to watch your children...

Zero Screen Time on our 2,551 Mile Summer Road Trip

What would you say if I told you that I took my 7 and 9-year-old children on a road trip this summer—without screen time or devices? Ah, so antiquated, so quaint! Nice for one...

Personal Father’s Day Gift: Ready by June 17th!

So your kids are still little kids. Then Father’s Day lands on, guess who? You! We all know mom’s don’t need another burden on their shoulders, but here it is, right at the beginning...

Thank you, Village!

It was 4:02 on Monday morning. I was deep in a dream when I heard the phone ring loudly.  Surprisingly, it was my usually hard- to-rouse husband who jumped up, found the phone, announced...