Jackie Malkes

Jackie Malkes is a wife, mother of two, and a working Mom. Jackie works as a Principal Implementation Manager at an analytics software company. After attending college in DC, she made the move to the burbs in Merrifield, Virginia. Jackie is a native Philadelphian, and came to the DC area to attend American University where she received her BA and MA. Jackie loves traveling, coffee shops, volunteering, yoga, fitness, and connecting with friends over dinner or coffee.
mama mentor

Find a Mama Mentor In and Out of the Workplace

Both working and non-working mamas need mentors.  Whether you are in the office or out of the office, after having a baby or inheriting a bonus mom role, walking into the workplace can make...
join a committee or board of directors

Accelerate Your Career: Volunteer on a Committee or Join a Nonprofit Board

Are you struggling to find meaning in your day-to-day job? Feeling “stuck” in your current position/career? Looking to impact your local community? Serving on a nonprofit Board or committee may be the next role you...
Social Etiquette Post Covid Vaccine

Re-emerging and Social Etiquette in a Post COVID Vaccine World

With the vaccination rates and public consumption of the data available, many people are determining their social etiquette post covid vaccine and their level of comfort re-entering the world. In some ways this feels...

6 Tips to Juggle Work While Caring for Children at Home During a Pandemic

Ever since the pandemic started, the “Mom guilt” has been amplified.  For kids going to school; mothers are asking themselves, Will they catch or pass this deadly virus that’s already caused so much destruction?...

4 Tips to Survive as a Working Parent During the Pandemic With Preschool Aged...

This is a guest article by Jackie Malkes. As I sat in the nursery breastfeeding my 6-month-old to sleep, I received a phone call from the Executive Director at my son’s preschool. “We have a...