Dara Friedson

Dara lives in Potomac, MD with her family and is the Owner and Chief Organizing Officer of Orderly Method Professional Organizing (www.orderlymethod.com). She turned her passion for organization into a business after having four kids in less than five years--Emerson (2011), Riley (2013), Dylan (2014), and Logan (2016). For many years, friends have asked how she keeps things so organized with such a hectic family life. Dara thrives and functions best in an organized space and has developed several methods as a personal and home organizer. She loves to organize and wants to help others bring order and peace into their homes. Her goal is to bring solutions to your life through what she has lived and learned. Follow her on Instagram and Facebook @OrderlyMethod  Loves: Gummy Candy, Real Housewives of Wherever & Trips to Container Store & Target

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