Caroline Quat

Caroline is a first-time mom to her baby boy, born in April 2021. Along with exploring DC through his eyes, she loves spending time with her dog and husband, which now includes early morning walks to grab coffee in their NoMa neighborhood. Brunch has already been her favorite, and she loves that DC has the best brunch scene. She works in healthcare policy, but her real passion is eating dessert and watching reality shows.
self-care is different for everyone

Self-Care is Different for Everyone

Self-care looks different for everyone. And self-care is hard—it’s the truth. As much as “Take care of yourself!” and “Treat yourself to that fancy coffee!” and “You can’t be the best for your kids...
best instagram accounts for moms

The Best Instagram Accounts for Moms

I used Instagram before I became a parent to keep up with friends, family, and highlights of others' lives. It wasn’t used for any educational purposes. As the COVID-19 pandemic began and everything went...
Navigating life with COVID positive baby

Navigating Life with COVID Positive Baby

I never thought how hard it would be navigating life with a COVID positive baby. But when my baby caught COVID, I learned quickly. When daycare sent a message on a Sunday night implementing...
Top Items for Every City Parent

5 Top Items for Every City Parent

Having a baby and kids requires a lot of stuff. Clothes. Toys. Travel gear. Sleeping and eating accessories. The list is endless. And as I prepared to have my first baby, I realized one...