Amanda Holliday

Amanda Holliday
Amanda loves supporting young children and their families through her work as a Parenting Coordinator with a DC non-profit almost as much as she loves learning as a doctoral student studying Infant and Early Childhood Development specializing in Infant Mental Health. Years of working with young children and prenatal/postnatal mamas have given her hours of material that she is excited to share in her blog posts. (She had her half-Jamaican son born during a blizzard and traveled to the hospital in Uber. Just one of the fun stories she has to tell!) When they aren't exploring every playground in Silver Spring, her family loves discovering new ways to have fun together around town. Likes: NY Pizza, Chocolate everything, Trapeze, Aerial yoga, Dislikes: Calories, Snow

525,600 Minutes of Quarantine: From Loss to Love

“Five hundred twenty-five thousand six hundred minutes. Five hundred twenty-five thousand moments so dear.” - Rent, “Seasons of Love” lyrics How do you measure a year like no other? It would literally be impossible to...

Resolutions are Silly: Here’s What I’m Doing Instead

Every year we try to make ourselves better people just because of the calendar restarting. There are tons of promises, goals, and resolutions made, most without ways to actually follow-through. And then you’re faced...

4 Awesome Screen-Based Learning Activities for 4-Year Olds

Once upon a time, my son had no idea how a TV or iPad worked. His days were filled with hands-on play, reading books, singing songs, freely exploring the world around him, and zero screen-based...

Yay for Potty Training!

So, it’s time to pee pee in the potty and you have no idea where to begin? Welcome to the world of potty training! Anecdotally, I’ve heard from tons of parents who are exhausted and...

Christmas Tree Farm Guide

Last year, for the first time ever, we cut down our own Christmas tree at a local tree farm. I still don't know who had more fun—myself, my husband, or our kid! While the...

2020 Holiday Light Display Guide

This holiday season will be merry and bright in a very different way. While some holiday light displays are still scheduled to happen at the time of this guide's publishing, things change quickly. Please...

4 Quick and Easy Meals That Answer Question, “What’s for Dinner?”

Ok, mamas, if you’re like me, I cannot stand the, “What’s for dinner?” question. It floods me with stress to try to throw something together based on random ingredients still lingering in the fridge....

Silver Spring, MD Neighborhood Guide

We are grateful for the sponsor of this guide: Vassar Broermann Group. This is an expert realtor group for this area. Please be sure to check out thorough details about their practice below. We are thankful for...

Schedule Some Sanity: 4 Tips to Make Your Life Calm and Organized

Does it ever seem like life can only get busier and crazier? I find myself thinking, “Ok, next week will be nuts, but after that, it will calm back down.” But then it doesn’t?!?...

Takoma Park, MD Neighborhood Guide

We are grateful for the sponsor of this guide: Kelly Kelley with Compass Real Estate. Kelly Kelley is an expert for this area. Please be sure to check out thorough details about her practice below. We are...

30+ Ideas For Non-Sleepers At Rest Time

So your little one is refusing to sleep, and you’re not ready to give up nap time? There is a happy medium: Rest Time! What’s the big difference? Rest time has no expectation of sleep....

15 Best Holiday Toys and Gifts for 3-Year-Old Boys and Girls in 2020

In this strange time of staying home and buying everything imaginable online, it’s such a relief to have a site that narrows the field of children’s toys. Wicked Uncle has a fantastic collection of...
female bike rider

“On Your Left”: 9 Tips For A New Road Biker

Bike riding was my favorite way to get around as a kid, just hop on and pedal. Besides being one of my only options (pre-driver’s license), the fact it was free was unbeatable. When...

Letting Out the Anger Like a 4-Year-Old

As we stood on the edge of a small section of beautiful Sligo Creek, my son could be heard angrily shouting as loud as he could while throwing rocks at the water. "I hate the corona." "I...