Aimee Lorge

Aimee is a freelance writer and personal essayist with a focus on family, career and the unique intersection of both in the military spouse experience. She is the very thankful (and tired) mother of two boys and one girl. Likes: London and all things royal, modern art (the weirder, the better), memoirs, hot strong coffee, audiobooks with great narrators, documentaries, libraries (especially old ones), exploring DC. Dislikes: cold weather, traffic, dental work, conflict, car maintenance, paperwork, daylight savings time, customer service call trees and spam emails.

Have A Little Flyer? Don’t Miss These DC Aviation Attractions!

“Go, go, go!” My two little boys are interested in anything and everything that moves (planes, trains and automobiles, anyone?). Since we drive by Reagan National Airport and see planes overhead on a daily...

Irish Wisdom for Your Mom Life

As St. Patty’s Day approaches it is an ideal time to look to the Irish for timeless wisdom as applicable to our family lives now as it was centuries ago. There’s a reason Irish...

5 Sanity Saving Tips for Rowhouse Living with Kids

DC rowhouses offer a living experience with character: beautiful brick, old-world details, turrets, and unique trim. They also offer a challenge for those of us living with small children: steep staircases, little storage, and...