Adrienne Barge

Adrienne Barge
Adrienne was born and raised in Houston, Texas. Even though she is a proud 6th generation Texan, she is thrilled to call Alexandria, Virginia home for the last 10 years. Adrienne enjoys exercising the left part of her brain working for the Federal government, and the right part of her brain on her blog Brunching With Kids.  She is a mom to a smart & beautiful 9-year-old daughter, and kind & rugged 5-year-old son.  Her husband works at a local hospital in Virginia. The entire family loves exploring all aspects of this amazing area, especially anything outside and/or along the Potomac River.  Major likes: a good cup of coffee, fire pit, fried okra, and outdoor happy hours.  Major dislikes: Laziness, a messy house, and mansplaining.

2019 Family-Friendly Christmas Eve Services in the DC Area

This post was written by Adrienne Barge and updated by Porsha Perry. One of my favorite childhood memories is attending Christmas Eve services with my grandparents. We didn’t start this tradition until I was late...

Alexandria, VA Neighborhood Guide

We are grateful for the sponsors of this guide: The Royster Hearth Group, The Patterson Group, and Kelly Kelley with Compass Real Estate. These Realtors are experts in this area. Please be sure to...

DC Area Guide to Family-Friendly Brunch Locations

This guide is sponsored by Matchbox. We are grateful for their partnership which allows us to continue to bring resources like this to DC area families! Brunch can be a missed past time now that...

Short Summer Vacation Road Trip Ideas

One of the best things about living in the DC area is how easy it is to go on a spontaneous, short trip.  These are some of our favorite last minute getaways, especially for...

The Best Self-Talk Tip: Talk to my 3-Year-Old Self

I had a dream the other day where I met my 3 year old self.  It was in my parents 1980s living room, and my 3-year-old self had on the same outfit that I...

Valentine’s Day Reminder: Demonstrate Unconditional Love

My favorite Valentine's Day gift is always from my Mom.  My first year away from home (freshman in college), my mom sent me a pair of socks as a Valentine's gift.  She continued to do...

6 Encouraging Tips for Working Moms Who Travel

Working mom or not, there are several instances where a mom might have to travel solo without kids and significant other. I personally have had to travel a lot for work and a few...

Learn From My Story: When a Loved One Passes

It’s hard to talk about dealing with the death of a loved one. It’s easier to read about it. It’s very understandable why. A loved ones passing bring feelings of sadness, guilt, and loneliness all at...

The Procrastinator’s Guide to Organizing Kid’s School Papers

With summer almost over (or over for some today!), school prep is in order. For me, it means it's time to deal with the stack of last year's school papers sitting on my dining room...

Quick Guide to Berry Picking in the DC Area

We love spending an afternoon picking blueberries, blackberries, and/or raspberries during the summer months.  The kids have a blast berry picking and I love that it helps teach them about where their food comes from. Blackberry...

5 Tips to Survive Spouse Deployment

In the past 7 years, my spouse has gone on two military deployments. Each deployment lasted about a year and it was hard to survive without my other half. During the first deployment, my...

7 Tips for Car Trips with Kids

The DC area has several great options for road trips! Beaches in four different states are a four-hour drive away or less. Just west, the Shenandoah has amazing hiking, camping, or glam camping. Historic...