Celebrate 5 “Little” May Holidays at Home


While things are looking up – longer days, more vaccine availability – things still haven’t reached a new normal. We’re still home a majority of the time, so why not celebrate the “little” holidays, or special days throughout the year? Minimal effort for maximum memories! They may become traditions post-Covid.

May 1 – Celebrate Batman Day

Depending on the age of your household, you can choose from a Batman movie or go retro and Amazon Prime the cartoon. Make a Gotham City picnic and serve Bat Wings (aka chicken wings), Catwoman Claws (aka Bugles) and Robin’s Eggs (aka deviled eggs). If you want to flex your creative muscles in the kitchen, make a batman logo out of blueberries and surround with chopped apples. 

May 6 – Celebrate Beverage Day

Grab the family and have a blind taste test! Just like wines, make a white and a “red” flight. Gather white grape juice, flavored water, Sprite, and sparkling water and conduct a blind taste test. Repeat with root beer, cola,and Dr. Pepper and rate your favorites. Then after the kiddos head to bed, feel free to substitute with a real wine tasting.

May 10 – Clean Up Your Room Day

This holiday may be a parent’s favorite. If you have multiple children, set a timer and race to see who can finish cleaning their room first. Or knock out your Spring cleaning and get everyone involved in cleaning the house. Break up into teams and clean rooms. Then make sure not to make the kitchen a mess again. Winning team gets to choose their favorite outdoor, socially distanced dinner! 

May 15 – Chocolate Chip Day

May 10th might be the parent’s choice, but May 15th could be a favorite for everyone. Start off the day with homemade chocolate chip pancakes, then make math fun (and delicious) with some addition and subtraction games with chocolate chips. You can’t celebrate chocolate chip day without making a batch of cookies (Neiman Marcus’s classic recipe is always a favorite in our house). If you still have chocolate chips on your mind at the end of the day, start researching a day trip to Hershey Park and celebrate a return to travel someday soon with one of their giant chocolate kisses!

May 21 – Talk Like Yoda Day

Do or do not, there is no try today! How would Yoda say it? Don’t try to talk like him, just do it! Set alarms on your phone to remind you to google his most memorable phrases and have your kiddos use them throughout the day. Then take a couple of sentences from their favorite story and have them imagine Yoda is the author. Bonus points if you do this activity in a robe with a lightsaber in your hand.

Find any reason to celebrate

There are hundreds upon hundreds of little holidays out there. The internet is full of calendars pointing out fun days to celebrate, or just make one of your own! The important thing is to find the fun in the everyday.