Bright Horizons is bringing the Smithsonian® Into Their Classrooms!

This article is written in partnership with Bright Horizons.

Bright Horizons Smithsonian Discoveries gives children a window into history, their world, and the greater universe around them — all without leaving their center. This collaboration between the Smithsonian® and Bright Horizons® brings the benefits of museum learning into the classroom. 

Bright Horizons SmithsonianChildren learn best when they have opportunities to learn through discovery: to pursue their own inquiries, experiment, investigate, learn who they are, and what they are capable of. Learning is best when a child’s experiences are meaningful and interdisciplinary, allowing for full body and mind engagement, and situated in beautiful environments filled with materials designed for young learners as capable participants in their own growth.

Bright Horizons shares these deep-rooted beliefs with museums, which is why this opportunity to incorporate museum-learning into the classroom in collaboration with the Smithsonian® provides a wonderful opportunity for curriculum enhancement. 

Bright Horizons Smithsonian

Students at Bright Horizons child care centers will have the opportunity to participate in a series of project challenges including Collections, Music and Sound, Buildings and Construction, and Self-Identity. Each project challenge begins with children engaging with artifact images from the Smithsonian®, offering additional learning opportunities as teachers observe and reflect on children’s interests and ideas.

Bright Horizons centers in D.C. and throughout the entire DMV are welcoming new students to join them and experience the fun of Bright Horizons Smithsonian Discoveries. For additional information, visit:

This article is brought you by our friends at Bright Horizons, who are opening a new child care center at 2 Bethesda Metro Center this fall. Bright Horizons at 2 Bethesda Metro is scheduling in-person and virtual visits. Learn more and register today!

Bright Horizons Smithsonian

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