19 Best Holiday Toys and Gifts Ideas for 8 Year Old Girls and Boys in 2020

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Since our normal routines were upended in March, many families have been spending A LOT of time at home together. In our home, my twins have grown tired of their toy supply and we have run low on creative, crafty ideas. As such, I am in the market for fun and educational toys. Wicked Uncle, an online toy seller that curates gift lists for kids based on age, will save the day. This online boutique is known for the kid-testing of toys on its site, its gift wrapping option, and the thank you cards that they include with each package. It is a great resource for grandparents and other family and friends who would like to send gifts to the kids they haven’t gotten to see as much as they would like to lately. Using their curated list, here are 19 of the best toys for 8 year olds that are sure to delight.

19 Best Toys & Gifts Ideas for 8-Year-Old Girls and Boys

    1. Amazing Magic Pens
    2. Loopdedoo – Bracelet Spinning Loom
    3. Kids Cooking – 30 Tasty Recipes with Photo
    4. Kidzlabs Kitchen Science – 6 Bubbling Experiments
    5. Make Your Own Lego Movie – 36 Piece Set
    6. Glitter Pen Design Kit – Born To Sparkle
    7. Make Your Own Bath Bombs
    8. Kinkorobot.962 – Build An Interactive Robot
    9. Sing-Along Pro – Bluetooth Karaoke Microphone
    10. Yarn Llama USA – Llove At First Sight
    11. Kinetic Machines – 5 In 1 Experiment Kit
    12. Flexible Roll-Up Drum Kit – Record Music!
    13. Bananagrams USA
    14. Dance Charades – Get Your Groove On!
    15. Mini Hornit – For Bikes & Scooters
    16. Goodnight Stories For Rebel Girls
    17. Spy X Night Mission Goggles
    18. My Discovery Telescope
    19. Fifty Amazing Magic Tricks

1. Amazing Magic Pens

This set of Marvin’s Magic Pens will keep your little artist creating for hours. It includes color change pens, invisible pens, and much more. Built with durable, shock-proof tips, they allow you to change and erase colors instantly and even create amazing, 3D letters. The secret messages can only be revealed when you want them to, using the special white pens. Learn More

2. Loopdedoo – Bracelet Spinning Loom

Perhaps your crafter would like to send handmade cotton jewelry to their friends and family that they may not be seeing as much this school year. Create cotton bracelets, pretty necklaces, anklets, and headbands in just ten minutes with the easy to use loom. With twelve skeins of colorful thread, you can even make zipper pulls, belts, key chains and hair ribbons. The possibilities are endless! Learn More

3. Kids Cooking – 30 Tasty Recipes with Photos

Children will love taking charge in the kitchen using this fantastic and fun introduction to cooking. It has 30 easy and delicious recipes and a colorful rainbow whisk for your kitchen. Easy to follow illustrated instructions are separated into simple chapters such as breakfast, lunch and snacks, family dinner, and desserts. Your budding chef will even learn some extras like kitchen rules, how to set a table, and have a weekly menu planner. Learn More

4. KidzLabs Kitchen Science

This kit contains six specially designed fun and educational science experiments using everyday materials found in the kitchen. Your child will have a blast generating electricity using just a fork and a lemon, launching a rocket fueled by baking soda and vinegar, or building a table top volcano which erupts with bubbly ‘lava’! With easy to follow instructions, your little scientist will make things fizz, bubble and pop. Learn More

5. Make Your Own Lego Movie

Children can create their own Lego movie using this fun mini movie set with mix-and-match Lego characters and scenery. Use mini Lego actors to plot and script ten mini movies, and mix and match the faces and bodies of the Legos to get dozens of new story ideas. Your child will need a phone or tablet to download the app, and can then get directing the next big hit using the 36 Lego elements and foldout paper backgrounds. Get some inspiration from the 78 page booklet, with a storybook template and a paper clapperboard. Learn More

6. Born To Sparkle Glitter Pin Design Kit

This awesome kit is everything a young child needs to make their accessories sparkle. Use 8 different glitter colors to customize 18 different pins with a variety of shapes – choose from unicorn, pineapple or puppy. This creative set will have your child gleaming from head to toe in no time. Learn More

7. Make Your Own Bath Bombs

Make bath time more appealing for your little ones by letting them make their own luxurious, fizzy bath bombs. This fun and easy-to-use kit includes five different plastic molds and enough ingredients to create 12 fabulous fizzy bombs, using the illustrated guide. Simply mix, mold, and immerse! Shape your bath bombs into animals, ice cream cones, traditional bath bomb spheres, and more. Learn More

8. Kikorobot.962

Children will get great satisfaction from building their very own robot that can walk, follow, and explore. KikoRobot.962 walks on eight legs and has two interactive modes. In “Follow Me” he will happily trail along after anyone that closely approaches him. In “Explore,” he roams around using his intelligent infrared sensors to avoid obstacles, and turns aside when coming across anything that blocks his way. This colorful build kit comes with an easy to follow instruction manual (younger kids may need a little help from an adult). With fun sounds and effects and LED eyes, this clever robot is very satisfying to build and great fun to play with. Learn More

9. Sing-Along Pro – Bluetooth Karaoke Microphone

This gold microphone built for a rock star hides a secret: a full featured bluetooth speaker that doubles as a portable karaoke system. It connects effortlessly to any bluetooth enabled devices, and features a high capacity battery for up to 5 hours of entertainment. With 5 built in audio filters including high pitch, bass, and more, this karaoke combo is perfect for belting our your favorite hits anywhere you go, and even works without a bluetooth connection for solo greatness. Learn More

10. Yarn Llama

Use this crafty kit to make a llovely, colorful llama. Following simple instructions, your child can create the llama, wrap it in white yarn, weave beautiful hooves, and then decorate the bridle and blanket with 123 yards of colorful yarn. Weave your way to a beautiful creation, then take your dolly llama everywhere! Learn More

11. Kinetic Machines – 5 in 1 Experiment Kit

Any kid interested in engineering will love learning about the physics of force, motion, and energy with this kit that includes five awesome experiments. Build a rubber band-powered race car that zooms across the floor, or put together a catapult and launch objects through the air. Learn the physics behind the incredible balancing dragonfly, motorbike launcher, and wind mobile, using the 28-page manual with illustrated instructions. Learn More

12. Flexible Roll-up Drum Kit

This portable drum set comes complete with nine drum noises, recording features, and headphones (thankfully!). This easy to use, portable drum kit is perfect for beginners. Create the next big hit with nine drum images that make their respective clashes and booms when you rap them with the drum sticks. With multiple instrumental tracks, sound styles, and professional demo tracks, your child will learn how to make music with a drum in no time. You can even record and playback your tracks and connect your MP3 player! Learn More

13. Bananagrams

This crossword-like game is fun for the whole family! This strangely addictive, multi-player game is sure to put your word skills to the test as you compete to make the biggest series of word connections. The winner is the player who completes their word grid the fastest using all their tiles. Complete with a quirky banana skin shaped bag and 144 different lettered tiles. Learn More

14. Dance Charades

Get their bodies (and yours) moving with this super fun version of charades where players dance out as many of the dance charades cards as they can while the music plays. Can you dance the Tornado or rock the Wipe the Counter move? This game comes with 300 dance cards, a CD with all the tunes, and 45 scoring tokens to hand out to the best moves. It can even connect to Alexa or Google Assistant to play. Just pick a card, flip the timer and let the fun begin! Learn More

15. Mini Hornit

If your kids have grown a little bored of riding their bikes or scooters, the Mini Hornit may be just the thing they need to make their rides more fun. Durable and waterproof, it is loaded with 25 fun sounds including a dixie horn, magic spell, horse, rooster, a lion’s roar, and even an old-fashioned bike bell. The sounds have 3 different volumes, plus it has white and green lights, with flashing or constant settings. The Mini Hornit attaches easily to the handlebars of any bike or scooter, with an optional remote trigger for bike handles, meaning you don’t need to let go to sound it. Learn More

16. “Goodnight Stories for Rebel Girls”

Teaching our little girls and boys about the many women who have shaped our world is sure to inspire them and stir their imaginations. This book is a great jumping-off point to learn more about 100 inspiring women, both past and present. Perhaps your child will discover her inner innovator, artist, rule-breaker, adventurer, or activist by learning more about those who have come before her. Learn More

17. Spy X Night Mission Goggles

Night time adventurers will love using these light up goggles to find their way in the dark during fun spying escapades, or even sneaking down to the fridge at night. They have tinted blue lenses to enhance night vision and, when switched on full mode, provide beams of the bright blue LED light, leaving both hands free to explore. They also have adjustable stretchy elastic straps, allowing them to fit heads of all sizes. Perfect for fun spying escapades or even sneaking down to the fridge at night! Learn More

18. My Discovery Telescope

This lightweight, portable telescope enables young scientists to explore the natural wonders of the earth and beyond. From the craters of the moon and bright stars, to close-ups of animals, this lightweight Galilean refracting telescope can magnify images up to 12x. The soft shell ocular lens cover gives greater comfort when looking at images up-close, with a sturdy metal focuser that you simply slide to focus. Learn More

19. Fifty Amazing Magic Tricks

Your child will amaze their friends and family with this set of 50 baffling magic tricks designed by Marvin Berglas, winner of the Magic Circle Maskelyne Award. It includes a hardback book of secret instructions and special magic props that will enable children to amaze their friends with mind reading, card tricks, money magic, and even levitations. Learn More

Wicked Uncle offers curated, kid-tested toys that are clever and unique. It is an online toy boutique! It is also super helpful for any grandparents, aunts, uncles, etc. that love to buy gifts for kiddos. Wicked Uncle even offers specialized wrapping, a card for the child, and even includes a thank you card for the recipient of the toy to mail to the gift giver! These neat toys are a crowd pleaser!

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