KeaBabies: Baby Essentials for Every Step of the New Parent Journey

This article is written in partnership with KeaBabies.

Having a new baby sparks the greatest joy and love you’ll ever experience. Every Mom wants to give her baby the best of the best — even during bath time. The luxurious KeaBabies Baby Essentials Care Package will give your baby the most comfortable daily grooming routine with three included items: an organic bamboo hooded towel, deluxe organic bamboo washcloths and natural goat hair brush set.

The KeaBabies Baby Essentials Care Package

This care package includes a LARGE organic bamboo hooded towel, which will last your baby from the newborn stage up to the age of 5-6! It is 35”x35” and made with high quality stitching and premium quality thick bamboo fibre that is machine washable. This towel is so soft and wraps up my 11 month old perfectly. The cutie ears are a bonus and make me smile! 

The towel also has 3x faster absorption and is 2x more absorbent than normal cotton towels. I could definitely notice this difference when I switched from my son’s old cotton towel to this bamboo towel. He was quickly dry and no water got on the floor. 

I was equally impressed with the bamboo washcloths. They are so soft, easy to lather, but not bulky like my cotton washcloths. My son loves bath time even more with these wash cloths.

The KeaBabies brush set is perfect for firm, yet gentle, combing of your baby’s hair. If your baby struggles with cradle cap, this set should be a part of your treatment routine. The premium trade goat bristles help evenly distribute hair oil for a healthier and cleaner scalp. If you use the set daily, it can even help to prevent or reduce cradle cap from building up and also protect your baby’s soft spot. 

The Perfect Baby Shower Gift

It goes without saying that this gift set will get rave reviews at every baby shower. Personally, I find that towels, wash cloths, combs and brushes sometimes get overlooked. These items are essentials for all families with babies, toddlers or kids. Parents will definitely be very happy to receive this gift as it is both useful and cute for their baby. Package comes with a cute gift box with a personal touch!

A Great Value

This set is an awesome value for products that help Moms take care of their babies. Separately, these three products would retail for $80, but this package gives you a deal at just under $50! You simply cannot beat that price for this essential baby gift! You’ll become an official #keaparent with #keababies at home!