4 Feeding Specialist Instagram Influencers That Help Picky Eaters


Feeding your little one can be confusing and overwhelming. Whether you have a picky eater or don’t know where to start in introducing solid foods to your baby, there is help out there. I’ve found these Instagram influencers to be helpful in providing ideas to help me feed my toddler and reduce picky eating.

Contact your pediatrician if you have significant concerns regarding your child’s eating habits, health, or weight gain. They can refer you to a feeding specialist for further evaluation. This site is an excellent resource for finding help in your area.

For tips, tricks, and encouragement along the way to reduce picky eating, I’ve learned a lot from these Instagram influencers:

Feeding Littles

@feedinglittles was created by Megan (a registered Dietitian Nutritionist) and Judy (an Occupational Therapist). I would highly recommend their infant and toddler online Baby-Led Weaning (BLW) courses, but their IG account and blog also contain a great deal of information (and help you get an idea of what the course offers).

Megan and Judy help parents feel less stressed about the feeding process and might even change the way you think about eating. They are down to earth, non-judgmental, and practical. 

Kids Eat in Color

Jennifer of @kids.eat.in.color is a nutritionist and local to our area! With over 800k followers, she shares ideas on how to make your children’s meals more colorful and pique their interest. She shows how expanding what your children eat is often a process. It’s about continued exposure to foods, and kids (even hers) are not going to eat everything every day.

Mama Knows Nutrition

Kacie of @mamaknows_nutrition is a nutritionist and another real mama, living life with kids that sometimes eat what’s provided and sometimes don’t! She gives ideas on Trader Joe’s snacks, disinfecting after sickness, and how to approach desert in a healthy, non-shaming way. 

Autism Dietitian

Brittyn of @autismdietitian is a nutritionist who works specifically with kids with ASD, ADHD, and SPD. Whereas her account focuses on foods that are especially nutritional to kids dealing with these issues, there is really a lot of information for everyone out there. I’ve learned a lot about the nutrients in various foods. She also includes her references for the information she provides and does 1:1 consultations for families wanting direct support.

Besides giving me great ideas, all these accounts remind me that this is a process: and no process is perfect. Maybe your kiddo won’t eat broccoli on the 1st, 2nd, or 50th exposure. It’s okay if you didn’t have time tonight to make an elaborate meal and the kids are eating pizza. This isn’t about perfection! And you are not alone in figuring it all out.

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